and they have a plan, a loaded god complex

[admin] Let all be revealed

Okay, folks, it's time to claim your stories, to put your names (and your betas' names) on your work.

Please don't forget to change your remix author: tag (i.e., replace the sockpuppet name with your own in the tag), but um, until we do some deleting there, if you are slow to put your name in, you might run up against the 1000-tag limit, so please be patient if you run into that problem. I'm pretty sure we'll come in (just) under 1000 tags once the sockpuppet tags are removed, even with the addition of 250+ new tags.

I want thank you all for participating. I hope you had fun.

I especially want to thank laurificus, who did most of the work this year on answering participants' questions and emails.

Maybe we'll do it all again next year. We haven't decided yet.

Once again, I strongly encourage you to acknowledge your remixer, and also to answer your feedback.

You are now free to post your remixes to your own LJs or wherever else you'd like.

Thanks again for playing.

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That Won't Come Out (the all that's yet inside of it remix), [Harry Potter; Severus/Minerva]

Title: That Won't Come Out (the all that's yet inside of it remix)
Author: bloodrebel333
Two people, two wars.
Rating: R
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Warnings: sex, but it's not very explicit.
Spoilers: up to DH, excluding the Epilogue.
Original Story: Things We Lost (And Found) In The War, by xylodemon.

That Won't Come Out (the all that's yet inside of it remix)

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and they have a plan, a loaded god complex

[admin] Remix/Redux 6: Archive Open for Business

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may I present to you:

Remix...Redux 6: There are many copies, and they have a plan

The Archive is open. 270 stories in 50 (or so) fandoms from Angel to Yami no Matsuei, and many more in between.

The best way to navigate the community is via the tag list - you can find the remix of your story by finding your name in the original author list, and you can also navigate by fandom, pairing, and character.

Read. Love. Send feedback, even though the authors will remain anonymous until next Saturday, April 26th. Speculate on who remixed whom. Thank your remixer. Have fun and thank you all for participating.

To track comments on your story, please use the "track comments" feature of LJ, since we've turned off the comment emails on the stories, as they come to the remix address.

If you feel the need to reply ASAP to your feedback, please do so anonymously, or via your sockpuppet LJ. We went through a lot of work to make this anonymous, and I don't want that blown the first day.

Couple small housekeeping items:

+ in the interest of keeping the total number of tags down, so we don't bump up against the 1000-tag limit, we've tried to use only one tag per character, so married ladies might be listed with both their maiden and married names if they're referred to that way in canon (e.g., lily evans potter, andromeda black tonks, zoe alleyne washburne, etc.). Also, I am not familiar enough with Doctor Who or the animanga fandoms to sort those tags out any better, so hopefully they work for you.

+ If you've posted a multipart story - and a number of you have - please make sure you've linked to all parts in each section, and labeled them all correctly in both the body and the subject line, so people can navigate easily.

Thanks, guys! I hope you had fun!

Thank you especially to my fellow mods, who helped shoulder some of the burden this year:

amberlynne, devildoll, and laurificus, and to merryish, who stepped in at the last minute to help out.

Thanks and love to all the pinch hitters, for helping out above and beyond the call of duty. I owe you guys, and I appreciate your willingness to help out more than you can ever know. I don't think I've forgotten anyone, but if I have, let me know. I apologize profusely.

laurificus, megthelegend, eilandesq, krabapple, ranalore, likeadeuce, inksheddings, florahart, lorax, rynne, zvi_likes_tv, marag, riko, carenejeans, meinterrupted, butterflykiki, marenfic, helsmeta, leiascully, simplystars, iamsab, kyuuketsukirui, jaebi_lit, penknife, selenak, busaikko, and zulu. Special thanks to nopejr, medie, kassrachel, and poisontaster, who answered the call more than once.

As you can see, a number of you are getting more than one remix, because, oh frabjous day, some of the original remixers came through in the end as well. Be happy. *g* I figured nobody'd mind having *more* fic to read. *g*

And again, remember to acknowledge your remixer ASAP!

Thanks again to amberlynne for the hot banner, and to soundingsea for the signup form, and to dracofiend for providing the matching algorithm.

Let us know if there are any glitches or thingies not working right, either here or via email at remixredux [at] gmail [dot] com.

I am going to go have many tasty alcoholic beverages now.

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fic: Hold On Loosely (The Southern Rock Remix) [Supernatural; Sam and Dean]

title: Hold On Loosely (The Southern Rock Remix)
author: victoria p. [musesfool]
summary: "I'll be the best big brother ever, and you'll be the best little brother ever."
fandom: Supernatural
characters: Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester
rating: G
notes: Thanks to the devildoll for betaing, and to angelgazing and amberlynne for handholding.
original story: When the Summer Comes Along by laurificus
word count: 1,755 words

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Non Sequitur (The Keep the Car Running Remix) (Supernatural, PG, Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester)

Title: Non Sequitur (The Keep the Car Running Remix)
Author: laurificus
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Paring: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Summary: It's him and Sam, taking a shot at the impossible.

Original story: Non Sequitur by silverpenlight


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By Any Other Name (The Fool’s Paradise Remix) [X-Men Movieverse; Mystique, Pyro, Magneto]

Title: By Any Other Name (The Fool’s Paradise Remix)
Author: thelasteuropean
Summary: If ye should lead her in a fool's paradise, as they say, it were a very gross kind of behaviour.
Rating: PG
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Spoilers: Through X3
Title, Author and URL of original story: By Any Other Name by ficwize
Author's Notes: Many thanks to my ever-delightful beta, hotelmontana. She is always patient when I hand over unintelligible gobbledy-gook and is wonderful at figuring out what works and what doesn't. Also, thanks to the mods for being so patient with me. I made a bloody mess out of the posting process this year, and they were terribly kind and didn't torment me with the scary poking stick. Finally, thanks to ficwize for writing such lovely things that I had quite a time deciding which one to remix. It was a pleasure being your remixer this year.

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Three Months (the kiss addiction remix) | Supernatural | Sam/Dean | R

Three Months (the kiss addiction remix)

Author: merryish

Original story: Unless Continents Collide, by laurificus

Rating: R

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Summary: Collapse )

Empty City (The Into Dust Remix) (AtS: Angel/Buffy, R)

Title: Empty City (The Into Dust Remix)
Author: marenfic
Fandom: Angel
Rating: R
Pairing: Angel/Buffy
Summary: Some dead things should never be resurrected.
Title, author, and URL of original story: The Empty City by yhlee

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Unconditional Love (My Life Is A Movie And I'm The Star Remix) [House; Cameron/House, Cameron/Chase]

Title: Unconditional Love (My Life Is A Movie And I'm The Star Remix)

[Author: flava_page

Summary: Chase's latest patient is unlucky. An SUV hits a van full of kids somewhere out in the sticks and everyone else walks away on two feet while this one ends up with a concussion and a fever, most likely unrelated.

Rating: PG

Fandom: House

Spoilers: House S3

Unconditional Love, by hilandmum

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Shifting Reality (Best Imitation of Myself Remix) [SGA; John/Rodney]

Title: Shifting Reality (Best Imitation of Myself Remix)
Author: kyuuketsukirui
Summary: That's what he decided the universe is like, folded up like a fan, and you can spread it out or close it up, and when it's closed that's when you can shift.
Rating: R
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney
Length: ~1200 words
Title, Author and URL of original story: [shift] Reality by gblvr

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