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Gravitation (The Logical Conclusion Remix) [Harry Potter; Remus Lupin/Sirius Black]

Title: Gravitation (The Logical Conclusion Remix)
Author: rian219
Summary: Remus fancied that he could just see the top of Sirius' arse, an arse that he now knew to be just as nice to touch as it was to look at, all round and firm and squeezable and God, was he fucked. Completely and utterly fucked.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: JK Rowling's, not mine.
Warnings: none. Unless you don't like swearing.
Spoilers: none
Title, Author and URL of original story: Logical Deduction by kaydeefalls.


grav•i•ta•tion [grav-i-tey-shuhn]

1. Physics
a. The force of attraction between any two masses
b. An act or process caused by this force

2. Sinking or falling
3. A movement or tendency toward something or someone

Gravitation (The Logical Conclusion Remix)

Remus stood in the kitchen of the flat he shared with Sirius, dressed only in an old, threadbare towel slung low on his hips, eating a square of wedding cake. He twirled his wand through his fingers like the rock and roll drummers he'd seen on the telly, and every so often a bead of water would drip from the shaggy ends of his damp hair and down his bare back. In front of him, the kettle that sat on the kitchen bench next to the rest of the cake began to boil. Remus shoved the rest of his piece of cake into his mouth, tapped the kettle smartly with his wand and picked it up, pouring the boiling water onto some tea leaves in a pot. Out in the living room, a clock chimed two in the morning. Down the hallway, from the direction of the bathroom, there was the sound of water running, accompanied by Sirius' utterly off-key singing.

His tea made, Remus wandered out into the living room, dropping his wand onto the dining table that he and Sirius used for books (his), old copies of the Daily Prophet (his), clothes (Sirius'), shoes (Sirius') and old takeaway containers (mostly Sirius'), rotting food optional (definitely Sirius'). All the detritus of their daily existence was present and accounted for as usual, with three exceptions: there was a piece of parchment, a quill and an ink pot right there on the table, and Remus had not been the one to put them there. Given that Sirius had not been seen with a quill in his hand since the day they finished their final exams, this was remarkable. What was more amazing, however, was that there was actual physical evidence that Sirius had used the quill, to write something; Remus took a fortifying mouthful of his tea and picked the parchment up, frowning down at it.

After a moment his eyebrows lifted. He laughed, then started talking to himself. "I smell funny?" He laughed again, then raised his voice. "Um...Sirius? What the hell is this?"

The singing stopped. "What?" There was a pause, then Sirius poked his head out of the bathroom. His hair was wet, and half his face was covered in shaving cream. "What the hell is what?"

"This?" Remus waved the parchment at him, his eyebrows raised in enquiry. "This...list."

"Oh. Well." Sirius paused, laughed, then actually blushed. "That's a long story."

"Right. Okay." Remus smiled, and Sirius smiled back, laughing again. Remus' smile turned into a grin. Sirius never blushed, so whatever the story behind the list was, it had to be good. "That's fine, actually, because I've got all the time in the world right now."

"Oh," Sirius said again, his face falling, and then it was Remus' turn to laugh.


Remus hadn't found the headache he'd woken up with that morning funny in the slightest. He hadn't even had that much to drink, certainly not enough to warrant being punished by a pounding headache and a mouth that tasted like the bottom of a bird cage that was carpeted with beer dregs and a hundred ashtrays' worth of fag ends. He frowned without opening his eyes and pressed his palm to his forehead, willing his headache away, then reached out blindly for his bedside table to retrieve his watch and see what time it was.

His fingers encountered empty air where his bedside table should have been. Remus opened his eyes. His bedside table wasn't there, as he'd expected, but why it wasn't there was the funny thing.

It wasn't there because this wasn't his room. It was Sirius'. And he was in Sirius' bed. He turned his head slowly to look over his shoulder.

He was in Sirius' bed. With Sirius.

Stay, Sirius had said, stay. He'd held Remus' hand and pulled him closer and Remus had gone, because he'd never been one for refusing Sirius anything, and just before their lips touched Remus had thought, This is a really bad idea, but then he'd done it anyway, because he'd wanted that to happen for so long and he never got anything that he wanted. It had been good. It had been great. Really, really great. Last night, at least.

This morning it was a disaster.

He sat up slowly, the pain in his head forgotten, and stared down at Sirius, hardly believing his eyes. The object of his attention hadn't moved a muscle; he was sleeping on his stomach with his face turned away from Remus, his arms folded underneath his pillow, his hair fanned out across it. Most of Sirius' bare back was exposed, Remus' movement having pushed the sheets down to his hips. Remus fancied that he could just see the top of Sirius' arse, an arse that he now knew to be just as nice to touch as it was to look at, all round and firm and squeezable and God, was he fucked. Completely and utterly fucked. Here he was thinking about how squeezable Sirius' backside was, when he should be preparing for the inevitable look of disgust that he'd see on Sirius' face when he woke up and realised what he'd done. Or worse, the look of pity on his face when he gave Remus the same brush off that he'd been giving all of his one-night shags since they'd left school.

Remus wasn't about to wait around for that. He got up and started collecting his clothes, which took longer than he'd anticipated, since his clothes had apparently been scattered to every corner of Sirius' room by the four winds. (He wasn't going to think about how they'd almost torn each other's clothes off in their eagerness to get at each other, no he wasn't. Not for a single second.) He hunted around for one of his shoes for at least fifty million hours, and finally found it beside Sirius' chest of drawers, hidden by a pile of rubbish. He cursed Sirius and his total inability to approach anything approximating cleanliness at any time ever, then stood and glanced at the bed to make sure Sirius hadn't moved. He hadn't. Remus crept out of Sirius' room holding his breath and his bunched clothes in his arms, as if the sound of his panicked, stupid breathing would wake Sirius up when all his scrabbling for his stupid clothes hadn't. As if he didn't know that Sirius slept like a log. Like a big, stupid, totally-fit-and-incredibly-good-in-bed-even-when-drunk log.

Oh, God. He was completely and utterly fucked. Completely. And utterly.

He showered in record time and dressed in his wedding suit, which had been hanging up in his wardrobe for weeks. He walked to the door of the flat in his stockinged feet, his shoes in his hand and his hair still wet, listening for any sound that Sirius was awake and hearing none. He paused briefly on the door step after the door had clicked shut behind him to put his shoes on, then he jogged down the stairs and down to the alleyway behind the flat, where he paused to try to stop freaking out for long enough so as not to splinch himself when he apparated to the Potter's. He closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths, concentrated hard, then vanished.


It started out innocently enough. A warm glow of happiness when Sirius included him in some prank or another that was just that tiny bit warmer than when James or Peter asked him; the desire to make Sirius laugh that was just a little stronger than the desire to do the same for James or Peter. He thought of Sirius when he wasn't at school, saw things that he wanted to buy for Sirius when he was at the shops; insignificant feelings at first that gradually got stronger and stronger until his chest was tightening and his breathing was quickening whenever Sirius got close and the touch of Sirius' hand was like an electric shock. After the moon, his half-unconscious self would cling to Padfoot and press his face into the hair at Padfoot's neck, wishing he could feel skin instead of hair against his cheek. But it wasn't until the first morning he woke up sweat-drenched and sticky from dreams of Sirius naked and eager beneath him that he knew that he was too far gone to ever have any hope of turning back.

He had no idea what to do about it, so he did nothing at all.


"Your hair's wet."

"I know." Remus did his best not to blush as Lily stepped back to let him into her room. "I left the house in a bit of a rush this morning. Didn't want to be late or anything."

Lily frowned. "Remus, you're five hours early. James wouldn't even be here this early if he wasn't staying here. Speaking of which," she said in a lighter tone, diverted, thank God, from the reason he was so early by the thought of James, "His mum tells me he didn't get in all that late last night, which I suppose I have to thank you for. So, thanks. I was a little afraid that he'd be waking up naked in a tree in Sussex, like Sirius did that time."

Remus laughed despite himself; Sirius would die if he knew she knew about that. And then James would die. "Aww, we wouldn't have done that to him, Lil. All of us knew that you would've made our lives not worth living if we had."

Lily smiled brightly. "Too right I would've. But thanks anyway."

"No problem." Remus smiled back at her, then sat down on the sofa that was against one wall of the room. "Wow, this is a big room."

"Yeah, I know. The whole house is big," Lily said. "So how was it anyway?"

Remus looked up at her, his eyebrows raised. "How was what?"

"The Stag Night, stupid. How was it?"

"Oh. Right. The Stag Night." Remus took a moment to breathe, and to let his heart start beating again; there was no way she could have possibly known about him and Sirius, but just for a moment, he'd thought... "It was good, you know. Lots of drinking. Stag Night stuff. But no funny stuff, of course. No strippers or anything." He was blushing, he could feel it. He cleared his throat. "Definitely no strippers."

Lily was looking down at him with one eyebrow raised, a small smile on her face. "You sure about that now?"

"Absolutely. Couldn't be more sure. Not a stripper in sight." Remus loosened his collar a little. His face was boiling. "Not while I was there, anyway. I left fairly early. I mean..." He mentally kicked himself. "Not that early. It was around one, I think. Maybe even two. Or three."

"Mhm." Lily's eyebrow was still raised. "And why did you leave early?"

"Oh." Now he was going to have to tell her about Sirius. "Well, you know Sirius, he got pretty drunk, as usual, so I took him home before he disgraced himself. I wouldn't have left early if it hadn't been for that."

"Right. Okay." Lily paused, then seemed to let whatever it was that was making her suspicious go. She smiled, and Remus smiled gratefully back at her. Maybe he wouldn't have to tell her about Sirius at all; for the first time, he was actually glad that Sirius' reputation preceded him. "So there were no strippers and you all survived. That's great. All that tells me is that whatever happened didn't happen at the Stag Night."

Remus' stomach dropped. "What?"

Lily shook her head, rolled her eyes and smiled at him sympathetically. "Remus Lupin, you forget. I know you. You turn up here hours early, with wet hair, your shirt untucked, the buttons done up all wrong..."

Remus looked down. She was right; one side of his shirt was much longer than the other.

"...and you expect me to believe that it was just that you didn't want to be late? Come on."

"Nothing happened, Lily, really. I made sure Sirius got home all right and then I went to bed."

"Bollocks, Lupin. You're hiding something. Someone. You snuck out of the house this morning, you've got it written all over you, and it was either to avoid Sirius' bit of stuff or your own. Which was it?"

Remus sighed. "Lily, please..."

"Remus, it's my wedding day. I'm the bride. Today is the day when everyone does what I say. So tell me: did you sneak out to avoid Sirius' bit of stuff, or your own?"

Remus cleared his throat. "Lily..."


Remus sighed and hung his head. "My own."

"Hah!" Lily 's face was triumphant. "I knew it! Who was he? Not that fit bartender from the Leaky Cauldron?!"

Remus let out a choked laugh. "No, it wasn't the fit bartender from the Leaky Cauldron."

The silence stretched taut between them. Remus didn't look up. He could practically feel Lily's curiosity radiating off her.


"It was no one, all right?"

"No, it's not all right. It was someone. It has to be someone, because you...oh. Oh. No. Remus, you...you didn't. Tell me you didn't."

Remus sighed, and steeled himself to look up at her, but before he did, he said, "I did." For several, long, agonizing moments, you could have heard a pin drop.


Remus stood in the doorway of Sirius' spare room, if a space that small could be classified as a room. Not that beggars could be choosers, and he was definitely a beggar. "Nice collection of spider webs you've got here," he commented lightly.

"Oh, yeah, I..." Sirius laughed. "I haven't been in there for a while, and house work isn't really my strong suit anyway, you know that. I never could get much of a handle on those cleaning spells."

Remus nodded. Sirius had never had trouble getting a handle on a spell in his life. "Yeah, I know."

Sirius grinned at him and slapped him on the back. "So, you'll take it then? Of course you will. And we'll be roomies again, what could be better? Nothing, that's what."

"I'll take it," Remus said, completely unnecessarily. He pointed his wand at a cob web in the far corner of the room near the ceiling and blasted it away. "We're probably going to have to work out a system..."

"A system? Oh, we'll have plenty of systems around this place, Moony, don't you worry about that." Sirius was walking away now, down the hall toward the kitchen. "The first thing we'll have to do is devise a system that'll tell us when the other one has pulled; you know, like a tie on the door knob thing, so that we know not to come in and all that."

Sirius didn't have to worry about that; Remus had actually learned to knock before entering a person's bedroom when the door was shut. Which was not something that could be said of Sirius. Not that Remus was planning on bringing anyone home to the flat. He sighed and rubbed at his eyes. "Okay, well..."

"In fact," Sirius said, while clearly not listening to Remus at all, "Why don't we go to the pub tonight? Have a few beers, pick up a few birds, properly celebrate our first night as free men and flatmates, hey? How does that sound?"

"That sounds okay." Remus would have rather stayed in tonight, and done a bit of cleaning to make his new room livable. "We'll have to go and get my stuff first."

"Oh, yeah, of course, but that won't take long, and then we can go out. I might firecall Prongs and see if he can come along, even if he does want to bring that red-headed hussy with him. And Wormtail too, although Merlin knows he's hardly around these days, who knows where he gets to..."

Remus tuned out Sirius' excited prattling and stepped into his new room, sitting down on the bed. A cloud of dust puffed up from the bedspread, making Remus cough, and he waved his hand at it as if it was smoke to be waved away with a flick of his wrist. He looked around the room again, imagining it with his own stuff in it, looking like a miniature version of his room at home, and thought that it wouldn't be too bad. He'd told himself that living with Sirius was a bad idea, that he'd had enough of watching Sirius with a parade of girls when they were at school, and now that they weren't at school anymore he didn't have to put up with that. But Sirius had been insistent, and in the end Remus had given in, because he loved Sirius, and he missed having him around every day. He missed having all of them around every day. So he'd put up with the constant stream of girls through Sirius' bedroom for that, for love and mateship and the chance to get back a little of what he'd lost when they'd left Hogwarts for the last time. It would be worth it.

But later that night, while Remus was listening to the girl in Sirius' room giggle, he wasn't so sure. As her giggles started to turn to breathy moans he put his pillow over his head and screwed his eyes shut, telling himself that she'd be gone in the morning, and willing himself to sleep.


"He kissed you?"

"Well, yes, and you needn't say it like it's the most unbelievable thing in the world to have happened, either. I mean, it's not unheard of for people to kiss me, you know, people have kissed me before. Plenty of people have kissed me before."

"I know, Remus, that's not what I meant, I just..."

"And anyway, why shouldn't I kiss him if I want to? He kissed me, I'm allowed to kiss him back. That's what you're supposed to do, that's how these things work. Otherwise no one would ever get shagged at all." Remus scowled down at the carpet. "Anyway, I don't know why we're even talking about it. It doesn't matter. I'm not some pathetic..." girl, he was going to say, "Baby who can't deal with whatever happens from this. I'm an adult. We're both adults. If he wants to end the friendship over it, then fine." Remus' chest tightened at that; it didn't feel fine. "I'll cope. He probably doesn't even remember it, anyway." Remus wasn't sure which was worse: Sirius being disgusted over the best sex that Remus had had in his life, or Sirius not remembering a single moment of it. "Either way, I'll cope."

"I know you will. Of course you will, but don't you think..."

Remus never got to find out what Lily thought he should think, because just then there was a knock on the door. Lily groaned in frustration and Remus' heart skipped several beats, but when the door opened it was only Mrs Potter. She bustled in like a whirlwind.

"Good heavens, child, you're not dressed? James will be ready before you at this rate, and that's positively unheard of!" Mrs Potter turned to Remus, frowning at him. "Remus, what are you doing here? Apart from stopping Lily getting dressed?"

Remus could take a hint. He stood. "Nothing, I...I was just going, Mrs Potter." He looked at Lily, but only for a moment. She still had a sympathetic look in her eyes, and he couldn't stand it. "I'll go. I'll see you later, okay?"

He caught Lily's nod out of the corner of his eye as he turned to leave. "Okay."

Mrs Potter followed him to the door, as if to make certain he left. She reached to put her hand on the door handle before Remus could, and he turned to look at her. She smiled at him. "If you go downstairs there's some sandwiches and tea. You could go and see James as well. He's a little nervous." She put a hand up and brushed his hair back from his forehead, then patted him on the cheek before opening the door and pushing him out of it. "Now go, and let my daughter-in-law get ready."

The door shut firmly behind him. Remus paused for a moment, looking down at his uneven shirt tails, before going to find himself a bathroom so he could make himself presentable. That done, he went downstairs and filched a couple of sandwiches and some tea before going out into the garden to hide from various Potters and Evans'. He was still there an hour later, sitting on the grass, when Peter found him.

Peter had a teacup in one hand and a stack of biscuits in the other. "Hey."

"Hey," Remus said. "Want to sit down?"

"Yeah." Peter sat down next to Remus with a grunt, then held out the hand with the biscuits in it. "Biscuit?"

"Yeah, thanks." Remus took one and bit into it. "So you got home all right then. Last night."

Peter nodded. "Yeah. And not too late, either. You did too, obviously. How was Sirius this morning?"

Remus shifted. "He was okay. Still asleep when I left, actually. Have you seen him yet?"

Peter shook his head. "Not yet. I've just been to see Prongs, but Sirius wasn't there."

Remus had been avoiding James' room out of fear of running into Sirius. "Oh. Well, I'm sure he's around here somewhere. How's James?"

"Oh, you know." Peter shrugged. "Nervous as hell."

Remus snorted, and Peter joined in with a chuckle. "Better him than me," they said in unison, then looked at each other and laughed. After a few minutes of companionable silence finishing off Peter's biscuits, Remus sighed and stretched. "All right, well, I'm going to go back inside and see if I can find out how James is. See you in the chapel later."

Peter nodded. "Yep." He drank the last of his tea. "Watch out for James' mum when you go back in. She was getting a little uptight when I was in there last, so she'll be worse now."

Remus nodded. "Okay. Thanks for the warning."

Remus walked quickly through the kitchen with his head down, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. It worked; no one stopped him, and he made it upstairs with a sigh of relief. He thought about going to James' room, like he'd told Peter that he was going to, but decided against it. It wasn't long until the ceremony now, and his chances of seeing Sirius increased with every minute that went by. So he found himself slowing when he got to Lily's door, lifting a hand up to knock, and opening the door and stepping inside when she called out for him to come in. He'd be safe in there.


The club was hot, the music pumping and too loud as Remus pushed his way through the crowd to the toilets in the back. This wasn't the sort of place they usually went to, but Sirius had said that they had to do something special for their six-month anniversary of leaving school, and that this place was cool and the drinks were cheap and plentiful and the music was even good enough to dance to. Remus hadn't danced, but he could testify to the fact that the drinks were very cheap and very plentiful, even for him, as evidenced by his bursting bladder. He could see the door of the loo from where he was; one final shove through the crowd and he was there, falling against the door and pushing it open gratefully.

He wasn't so grateful when he saw the two blokes snogging the life out of each other against the wall. It wasn't that it was two blokes; Remus had come to terms with his own orientation too long ago to be bothered by that. It was that one of the blokes was as familiar to him as his own reflection, because one of the blokes was Sirius. As he watched, thunderstruck, Sirius made a noise that could have only been described as a growl, and pressed the other man up against the wall hard, pinning him with his hips, his fingers tangling in the others' short, dark hair.

Remus had no idea how he made it out of the toilets, but he definitely did because the next thing he knew he was at the bar, downing first one drink and then another. He made it back to James, Lily and Peter on legs that felt like jelly, feeling feverish and like he was going to be sick or cry, or both. Lily smiled at him as he approached, but as he got closer she frowned, and put a hand up as if to feel his forehead, but before she could say anything to him Sirius was there, and he wasn't alone.

"Look lads...and Evans," he started briskly. "I'm off, all right? I was telling, ah..." He jerked a thumb in the direction of his new friend. "Him..."

"Roger," the man supplied helpfully.

"Yes! Roger," Sirius said, as if he'd know it all along. "About the bike, and he wants to see it, so we're going. To do that. See you all later, right?"

James, Peter and Lily said their goodbyes, and Remus said nothing, but Sirius never even looked his way. Remus stared after him, watching as Sirius pulled Roger against him as they walked, groping his arse through his jeans as if he couldn't wait to get him out of them. Remus closed his eyes against the wave of nausea that hit him, fighting back the urge to cry as well. When he opened them, Lily was watching him, and when he looked in her eyes he knew that she knew. That she saw. His stomach flipped, and as she opened her mouth to say something, he shook his head and said, "Don't. Don't start. I'm going. I've got to go."

He didn't look back as he walked out, but he did look out ahead for any sign of Sirius; there was none. Remus didn't know whether he was relieved or not. He walked the streets for hours, not wanting to go home in case Sirius and Roger were there, but eventually the sun was starting to come up and he had no choice. When he got home there was no one there. He went straight into his room and shut the door, putting a locking charm on it for good measure. He lay down on his bed fully clothed and curled in on himself, his heart aching. The girls he could handle, the girls he'd got used to over the years. But boys...boys were a different kettle of fish altogether. A different kettle of fish that were exactly like Remus, except not Remus. A kettle of fish that would never be Remus.

It was a long time before he slept.


Remus hugged Lily gently, afraid of crushing her dress; Lily hugged him tightly, almost too tight. Her lips brushed his cheek as he pulled back. "You should talk to Sirius," she said, smiling up at him.

Remus nodded. He had absolutely no intention of talking to Sirius. Unless Sirius talked first. "Yeah, I know. I will. As soon as the wedding's over."

Lily nodded. "Okay. Good." She turned to look at the clock on the wall. "You should go. It's almost time."

"Yeah. Okay." Remus moved to the door, slowly. Now there was going to be no way around having to see Sirius. With his hand on the door knob, he stopped and turned. "You look really nice, Lily. James is a lucky man."

Lily rolled her eyes and snorted. "Yeah, okay. Stop stalling, Remus, and get down there."

"Okay, okay, I'm going." He laughed a little and opened the door, his smile fading fast as he almost ran straight into Sirius. His stomach dropped through the floor.

"Sirius!" One glimpse of him was enough to send a surge of emotions through Remus' whole body: love, lust, longing, embarrassment, fear and anger, all in a matter of seconds. It was overwhelming, and he couldn't cope; for a moment it looked as if Sirius might say something, so Remus mumbled, "I...I'm late, Sirius," and took off, walking down the corridor as fast as he could without running.

By the time he'd gotten out to the chapel he'd pulled himself together enough so that he could walk down to where Peter and James were standing without either of them asking why he was acting like a complete and total nutter.

Not that James wasn't acting like a lunatic. "Where have you been?" he hissed, sweat beading on his forehead, his eyes bulging slightly. "And where is Sirius? I swear, if he makes Lily late, I'll...oh. There he is. And, oh, I think I see...there's wedding dress. I see wedding dress, oh my God..."

Remus didn't hear the rest, because James was right, there was Sirius strolling down the aisle, looking all dapper and handsome in his wedding clothes. The sight of him made Remus want to say a few 'oh my God's himself, so he distracted himself by talking to Peter about the decorations, the bridesmaids, and which of the wedding guests had put away the most champagne so far; anything to quiet his hammering heart. Then Sirius was standing in front of him, and Remus couldn't help staring at him, at his hair, his shoulders, his profile when he turned to watch Lily walk down the aisle. Then Sirius turned and looked at him, and Remus' heart stuttered in his chest, the look in Sirius' eyes making him warm all over, and he couldn't help but smile and allow himself the smallest amount of hope that everything might be all right after all.

For all that they'd seemed to wait so long for the ceremony to start, in the end it was over in a flash, or so it seemed; Lily looked radiant, Sirius performed his best-man duties perfectly, and James didn't faint or cry or do anything else that might have made Lily regret agreeing to marry him, so the whole thing was a roaring success. James kissed his bride and the whole church erupted with clapping and cheering, and Remus couldn't help but feel a lifting of his own spirits again, which only increased when Sirius sidled up to him and poked him in the ribs with an elbow. That look was in his eyes once more, and Remus smiled, his heart soaring when Sirius smiled back.

"Hey," Sirius said, his breath warm against Remus ear.

Remus shivered, his whole body tingling. "Hey."


"You lied. That wasn't a very long story at all."

They were back in bed, lying on their sides, nose to nose. There was enough moonlight coming in the window that Remus could see Sirius smile. "Yeah, well. It felt long to me. Especially the not-remembering part." Sirius laughed, and looked vaguely embarrassed. "I would have remembered eventually, without the list. And without the slap."

"I thought you might not remember. For a while I hoped you didn't. Sort of," Remus admitted, deciding suddenly that a change of subject was in order; this was about Sirius, not him. "I can't believe you wrote a list to help you remember, though. That is so...girly, Sirius." Remus laughed as Sirius made an offended noise. "Well, it is! Very girly." He laughed again. "But I also can't believe that Lily left the wedding to come and slap you. I didn't think she was that angry about it." He grinned. "I would have liked to have seen her do it, actually. To see her drag you out of bed and smack the living daylights out of you."

"Oh, would you now?" Suddenly Sirius pounced and rolled Remus onto his back, pinning him to the mattress. "It hurt, I'll have you know. That girl's got a strong arm. I pity Prongs."

"Oh, I think Prongs'll be okay." Remus put his hands up into Sirius' hair. "For what it's worth, I'm glad she slapped you."

Sirius laughed, then nodded. "Me too." He leaned down to nip at the side of Remus' neck.

Remus tightened his hands in Sirius' hair, and when he spoke he was slightly breathless. "We should probably thank her."

"Yeah, we should." Sirius bit Remus' neck again and then rolled them so that Remus was on top. "Maybe later."

"Yeah." Remus nodded and leaned in for a kiss. "Maybe later."

Tags: character: lily evans potter, character: remus lupin, character: sirius black, fandom: harry potter, original author: kaydeefalls, pairing: remus lupin/sirius black, rating: pg-13, remix author: rian219
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