March 8th, 2008

and they have a plan, a loaded god complex

[admin] icons and socks

All the remix sockpuppets have been given membership in remixredux08, and I've given each one a new default Remix/Redux 6 icon. Please note that only remix sockpuppets and mods will be given membership in remixredux08.

Here are the icons amberlynne and I have made, all but one featuring Tricia Helfer as Six, free to good homes. I understand if people want to use icons from their own fandoms on their story posts, and I ask that you make allowances for the fact that you are sharing the account with six or eight other people, so don't hog all the spaces, and please leave one slot for the remix6 icon I've uploaded. Also, please make sure that if you do upload your own icon, it cannot be traced directly back to you, since we are allegedly anonymous during the writing process and for the first week of the archive being open, and a lot of effort has gone into that anonymity.