March 9th, 2008

i'm taking aim

sample fic entry: Strange Bedfellows (Rhapsody in Blue) [LA Confidential; Ed Exley/Bud White; NC-17]

This is the general template of how you should post your remix.

Subject line: fic: Story Title (Remix Subtitle) (Fandom, Characters or paring, rating)

Title: Strange Bedfellows (Rhapsody in Blue)
Author: [this line should have your sockpuppet name listed, until the reveal]
Summary: He wonders again what the hell he was thinking, coming here.
Fandom: LA Confidential (movieverse)
Pairing: Ed Exley/Bud White [if your story does not have a pairing, you type: Character(s): Character 1, Character 2, as needed]
Rating: NC-17 [please use MPAA ratings for consistency. use your judgement on how your story should be rated.]
Disclaimer: Ellroy's, not mine
Original story: Strange Bedfellows by Saklani [please include a link to the original story, as well as the title and author]
Notes: [beta thanks etc. can be added in when you put your author name in after the reveal]

Collapse )


You will tag your fic as follows:

fandom: [fandom the fic is in, no abbreviations], character: [full character name] (tag for each main character of your story), pairing: [character 1/character 2 - please use the full names of each person in the pairing] (if there is more than one pairing, you tag for each), [rating], original author: [name of person you've remixed], remix author: [lj sockpuppet name to be changed when author names are revealed]

If you've written a crossover, tag for each individual fandom, and also use crossover: [fandom 1/fandom 2, again, no abbreviations].

If your story does not contain a pairing, you do not need to use a pairing tag. Use only such tags as are applicable to your story.

I know this caused some confusion last year, so to be clear, the prefixes, such as fandom or character, must be included in the tags. For example, instead of tagging the sample story LA confidential, Ed Exley, it would be tagged fandom: LA Confidential, Character: Ed Exley, and so on.

The comm should automatically be set to post as flocked, so please do not touch the security settings when you post.

Please set comments on your story post to "Don't Email." You should use the "Track" feature (as yourself, not your sock) to track when your story gets comments, because all email for the sockpuppets comes to the Remix gmail account, and you don't see it anyway.

On that note, please remember that approval and rejection notifications for your post won't be emailed to your personal accounts, so please log back in and check that your post is there and looks exactly as you want it to. We aren't going to be fixing format errors for you.

Most importantly, please remember to preview. Almost every mistake we see can be picked up by you at that stage, and it makes our lives a lot easier when we don't have to reject entries or email you to tell you your LJ cuts didn't come out quite right. It also means I don't feel the need to brandish the poky stick of doom (victoria gives me special permission at times like these), and that's always a good thing. Truly.

After the author names are revealed on April 29, you may post your story in your own LJ and wherever else you like.

If you have any questions, please comment to this post.
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