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The One Where Chase Was A Puppy (Ear Rubs Are Best Remix) [House MD; House/Wilson]

Title: The One Where Chase Was A Puppy (…Or Ear Rubs Are The Best!)

Author: sheikah

Summary: H/W implied, told through the eyes of Chase!Puppy

Rating: G

Fandom: House MD

Warnings: Umm. Chase is actually a puppy? That's a warning…

Spoilers: n/a

Title, Author and URL of original story: The One Where Chase Was A Puppy by savemoony.

Please take me home. Please take me home. Pleaaaasse. Chase figured if he looked adorable enough, one of the nice families with the cute little girls would take him home. When he saw House and Wilson, he didn't figure they would be good parents. He tried to turn off the cute, he did, but the one with the nice smile kept bugging the mean one with the cane and he consented. Dammit. That was not the answer.

…the sad eyes weren't a put-on.


There were cats here. Chase had never really had experience with cats. At the pet store, he'd slept in a cage with all his brothers and they'd snuggled up for warmth. Cats got kept separate. Here, however, there were cats and Chase had learned to avoid them as best he could while the humans weren't around. When the Smiling One and the Limpy One were around, they usually let Chase stay with them in the big room with the box of moving pictures in it. Chase liked the box.

He especially liked the box when the other animals were on it and he barked and tried to get inside. The Smiling One and the Limpy One thought that was pretty funny. They didn't think it was too funny when he chewed on their shoes and after the Limpy One had sprayed him with water and shouted, he'd kept the chewing to a minimum.

The humans got to sit on the couch. Chase wanted to sit on the couch with them but he wasn't allowed—the Limpy One always pushed him back down. He put on his best sad-eyed look and begged, even putting a little whimper in his voice. The Limpy One rolled his eyes and the Smiling One picked him up one handed and started…ooh, he stroked his ears. Chase loved that.

He yawned lazily and kicked his leg, eyes reading nothing but puppy bliss. He flopped over onto his back and promptly fell asleep, the Smiling One's big hand rubbing his belly. He could live with them after all. Besides, all those little girls would have made him bathe and wear ribbons. He wasn't a girl. He was a boy puppy.


Sometimes, the Smiling One and the Limpy One would take Chase on rides to the big shiny building they worked at. It was full of glass and Chase loved to bark at all those other little Chases that kept showing up every time he moved. The Limpy One would scold him a lot, but Chase could tell he didn't mean it. He scolded everyone, after all, and he never really enforced it.

He liked the pretty girl with the shiny hair and jumped in her lap and licked her chin sometimes, even though that got him in trouble too. It was hard being a puppy sometimes—never knew what was going to get you in trouble. The dark one was nice too, and sometimes he threw a ball for him to fetch. Chase loved playing fetch, especially on the slippery floors at the big shiny building.

His favorite was the golden one, even if the golden one complained a lot. Chase noticed that the Limpy One called the golden one Chase too, and it confused him lots. Why was the human Chase and he was Chase? After a few visits, Chase figured it out. The Limpy One and the Golden One acted a lot like the Limpy One acted with Chase. That was kinda funny. The human was a puppy too.


He had to pee. He'd been trying to hold it for a long time, especially since the Limpy One and the Smiling One had closed their door off, but he couldn't help it. It was time to go potty. Chase threw himself up against the door and whimpered, clawing on the wood to get inside. He heard the Limpy One say something sharp and whimpered again, tucking his tail between his legs.

What were they doing that they couldn't go take him to pee? Chase paced the floors for a little while and continued to whimper, trying not to think about the weird noises they were making. They did that sometimes, locking up all the doors and making noises together. The cats never noticed and almost looked smug when the Limpy One and the Smiling one decided to have human time. Chase didn't like it.

…and he still had to pee. He barked, he whined. He threw himself up against the door and cried as best he could and finally he heard the Smiling Man get up and come out. He took him outside and Chase was so relieved and even peed on the sidewalk like he was supposed to and not on the tree (even though he really wanted to…it was so green.)
The Smiling Man didn't seem happy. He didn't even give Chase a pet. Hmm.


Chase whimpered mournfully as the dark man loaded him up in his fancy car. He knew this wasn't right. He'd never gone away with someone else before and it just wasn't fair. The Smiling Man and the Limpy One didn't want him anymore. Chase whimpered and moaned as best he could and even gave them the best sad eyes he'd ever done, but it wasn't working. The dark man was nice, though, and gave him a treat before rubbing his ears.

"You're such a good puppy, aren't you?" Chase's ears perked up and his tail wagged, every little inch of him trying to say that he was. He really was a good puppy—even the Smiling Man and the Limpy One couldn't say he'd been a bad one. They were just too interested in whatever went on behind closed doors. Chase didn't like closed doors.

He yipped one last time at his old house before turning in the seat and looking at his new master. The dark one had nice eyes and an easy smile, even if it wasn't as easy as the Smiling Man's. As they rode toward the dark one's house, he'd put a hand on Chase's head and started rubbing his ears. That was good.

Chase had wanted to stay awake so he could remember how to get back to the Smiling Man and the Limpy One, but he just couldn't. Not with the dark one rubbing his ears and head and speaking in that nice low voice. Chase fell asleep. Maybe…just maybe…yeah. This was better. The Smiling Man and the Limpy One could have their alone time.

He was getting ear rubs.
Tags: character: gregory house, character: james wilson, fandom: house md, original author: savemoony, remix author: sheikah
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